5 Best Ceiling Fans for High Ceilings You Can Buy Today

best ceiling fans for high ceilings

For those with high or vaulted ceilings finding a quality ceiling fan that fits the bill can become overwhelming with thousands of different ceiling fans to choose from. Although most ceiling fan companies offer longer downrod sizes to accommodate for different ceiling heights, not all ceiling fans perform the same when installed on a high ceiling.

We have done the research to bring you our list of best ceiling fans for high ceilings. Our top picks were chosen for their build quality, designs that minimize wobbling and downrod availability to accommodate tall ceiling heights. In most homes the typical ceiling height is 8 or 9 feet. Because of this most ceiling fans only include 3” or 6” ceiling rods leaving those with higher ceilings needing longer downrod to accommodate for higher ceilings in their homes. The ceiling fans on this list all have available down rods for high or sloped ceiling accommodation. 

best ceiling fans for high ceilings

large ceiling fans for high ceilings  - best ceiling fan for high ceiling
best large ceiling fans for high ceilings

Monte Carlo Maverick Max Ceiling Fan

We cannot say enough good things about the Maverick Max ceiling fans. Everything from the motor technology to the craftsmanship of the blades is first class. If you are looking for the best ceiling fan for high ceilings then the Maverick Max is definitely worth a closer look. Let’s start with the beautiful handcrafted balsa wood blades. For a three blade design Monte Carlo did an excellent job at making sure the blades are perfectly balanced for a wobble-free experience. Those with large indoor spaces that require a large fan will love what this fan has to offer when it comes to performance. The included motor is a compact ultra-silent DC motor that is whisper quiet even at it’s highest setting.

We recommend this fan to anyone looking for a large ceiling fan for high ceilings. Available in multiple sizes and wood finishes, the fan was designed for outdoor use in mind. But it also makes a wonderful indoor fan in large master bedrooms, family rooms and great rooms. The Monte Carlo Maverick Max is a beautiful statement fan that is sure to turn heads.

  • Includes 6” downrod (longer downrods available)

  • Indoor/outdoor fan

  • Available in 60”, 70” and 80” blade span

  • World class design and quiet motor technology

  • Remote control included

best ceiling fans for high ceilings
best ceiling fan for high ceiling

Hunter Royal Oak 60” Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Royal Oak is on of the best ceiling fans on the market for large rooms with high ceilings. At 60” inches it’s the perfect size for large living rooms or grand rooms and it’s included tri-mount system allows the ceiling fan to be installed on a sloped ceiling right out of the box. Cleaning your ceiling fan when you have high ceilings can be a challenge but with Hunters special anti-dust “Dust Armor” coating on the blades you can expect to have to dust less often leaving you more time to enjoy your fan.

This ceiling fan is perfect for those who enjoy the classic look of a traditional ceiling fan and it’s Dark Cherry/Medium Oak blades gives it a charming feel. If you are looking for a ceiling fan with long downrod then you’ll be pleased to know that Hunter offers longer downrods for this model so you can position the ceiling fan to your needs regardless of how tall your ceiling may be.

  • 3" and 2" downrods included

  • Longer downrods available 12-48"

  • WhisperWind® ENERGY STAR® certified motor

  • Indoor use only

  • Includes remote control

  • Includes mounting system that allows for standard or angled mounting

ceiling fans for tall ceilings - best ceiling fan for high ceiling
best ceiling fans for high ceilings tall ceilings

Minka Aire Roto 52” Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire has hit a home run with it’s Roto ceiling fan. Featuring a light weight and super quiet DC motor this whisper quiet fan is perfect for bedrooms and living rooms where noise fan can be a concern. It’s modern design gives it clean industrial inspired look that looks with today’s contemporary decor. Multiple color options allow this fan to be incorporated to any indoor space.

This fun fares well in spaces with vaulted or sloped ceilings. For those of your with sloped ceilings the Roto ceiling fan is a great choice. Included with the fan is an angled ceiling adapter that can be mounted up to 21° and an additional Minka Aire ceiling adapter (21° to 45°) is available separately.

  • Includes 6" downrod (longer downrods available)

  • Four speed wall control included

  • Includes angle mount adapter

  • Available in multiple finishes and colors


ceiling fans with lights for high ceilings

ceiling fans with lights for high ceilings

Minka Lavery Symbio 56” Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for high ceiling fans with lights then the Minka Lavery Symbio is worth a closer look. We absolutely love this ceiling both for it’s modern design and latest motor technology. The Minka Lavery Symbio uses an ultra silent DC motor which allows for the fan design to be compact enough to avoid unnecessary noise or rattling that is common with many lower quality ceiling fans. The Symbio is one of the best ceiling fans for high ceilings thanks to it’s 5 balanced blades that won’t cause downrod wobbling on high settings.

Fans of this modern fan design will be pleased to know that it is available in multiple color options from brushed nickel, white to oil-rubbed bronze. This fan includes a 6 inch downrod but Minka does a great job offering much longer downrod extensions for high ceilings. At 56 inch blade sweep the Minka Lavery Symbio is better suited for large bedrooms, living rooms and grand rooms and will go perfectly with modern and contemporary decor. 

  • Integrated LED light kit included

  • Remote control included

  • 6” downrod included (longer downrods available)

  • Ultra silent DC motor

  • Indoor use only

Ceiling fans for high ceilings - ceiling fans with lights for high ceilings

Emerson Atomical 52” Ceiling Fan

The Emerson Atomical is a powerful fan that is well suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces such as covered porches, sun rooms and gazebos. The design is contemporary and modern while not sacrificing on performance for the sake of aesthetics. We recommend this ceiling fan for high ceilings because of it’s 5 perfectly balanced blades that greatly decrease the chances of wobbling when installed on a long downrod. Pair this blade balance with the fan’s high grade motor and you have a whisper quiet ceiling fan that you can enjoy in bedrooms, living rooms and covered outdoor spaces.

The included 60 watt light kit makes the Atomical a great option for those of you looking for ceiling fans with lights for high ceilings. The fan also includes a cover plate if you prefer to install the Atomical without lights. Although the included downrod is only 4-1/2 inches Emerson makes purchasing a longer downrod an easy and inexpensive upgrade. If you are looking for ceiling fans with long downrods for your high ceiling then the Emerson Atomical paired with a longer downrod is a great choice.

  • 4-1/2-inch downrod included

  • Longer downrods available

  • Damp rated for indoor and outdoor use

  • Remote control included

  • Includes Emerson sloped ceiling kit

Choosing the correct size downrod

The ideal ceiling fan placement is 8 or 9 feet from the floor. This height will allow you to feel the most air movement when the fan is running. Most ceiling fans include a 3” or 6” downrod which is perfect for typical ceilings. Unfortunately for those with higher ceilings, the included downrod in most ceiling fans will be too short and an additional ceiling fan downrod will have to be purchased. You can use the chart below to determine which downrod size is best for your based on your ceiling height or check out our guide How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan Size for a more in-depth look at how to choose the best ceiling fan size for your space.

ceiling height downrod guide - ceiling fans

Options to consider when choosing ceiling fans for tall ceilings

best ceiling fans for tall ceilings - ceiling fan for vaulted ceiling

Motor quality matters

A ceiling fan with too much wobble or that makes noise can be avoiding by choosing a ceiling fan with a high quality motor. High quality motors usually come in the form of ultra-quiet DC motors and high-performance motors. Although more expensive, these ceiling fans are usually made with the latest technology that allows for a quiet ceiling fan that lasts longer and runs smoother than it’s cheaper motor counterparts.

Avoid cheap ceiling fan models

Although cheap ceiling fans from big box and home improvement stores may seem like a great deal they do come at a price. Cheaper ceiling fan manufacturers often times cut costs by sacrificing on build and motor quality. These fans usually use cheaper materials like tin and sheet metal that result in unwanted rattling when the fan is in use. Also, as mentioned above, subpar motors that can contribute to noise over time.

Choose a well balanced ceiling fan for high ceilings

Those with very high ceilings may find it hard to avoid slight ceiling fan wobbling but the good new is that choosing a high quality ceiling fan will avoid unwanted noise and significantly decrease wobbling. Fan wobbling and swaying is due to an imbalance of the blades where one side or blade weighs more than the rest of the blade span. Keep an eye out for ceiling fans whose fan blades come balanced out of the box as those will better suite your needs.

Weight distribution also comes into play when it comes to a perfectly balanced fan. A general rule is that fans with 4 or 5 fan blades have better weight distribution than a 2 or 3 blade ceiling fan. The more blades a ceiling fan has the better the balance and less it will wobble when in use as the weight of the fan blades will prevent it from moving too much. With the exception of higher end 3 blade DC motor ceiling fans, avoid cheaper 2 or 3 blade fan if you wish to avoid wobbling when using your ceiling fan with a longer downrod. To learn how blade count affects balance and air circulation read our guide Common Ceiling Fan Styles and Blade Count.