How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan Size


How are ceiling fans measured?

When it comes to choosing the right ceiling fan two measurements must be considered: Blade Sweep and Downrod Length.

Blade sweep is the measurement of the blade span. This measurement is important when considering your room size. Larger ceiling fans are needed for larger living rooms or grand rooms. While a smaller ceiling fan is better suited for kitchens or small bedrooms.

Downrod length determines how low the ceiling fan will hang from the ceiling once installed. Spaces with tall ceiling will benefit from a ceiling fan with a longer downrod length. Rooms with low ceilings will need a reduced downrod length to accommodate for the shorter floor to ceiling length.

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How to determine your room size

To match the right ceiling fan to your desired space both the square footage of the room and the ceiling height must be measured.

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Another simple way to quickly determine your room size is to measure the longest wall in the room. If the wall is less than 12 feet then choose a 36 inch ceiling fan. Between 12-15 feet then look for a ceiling fan with a 42-48 inch inch blade span. Rooms with walls longer than 15 feet would do best with ceiling fans that are 52 inches or more.

Choosing the correct ceiling fan size

Once your room size is determined use the charts below to determine the appropriate ceiling fan size. Choosing a ceiling fan with a downrod is appropriate if you have high ceilings. You would want the ceiling fan to reach the ideal height of 8 or 9 inches off the ground.

As a recap, room size determine blade sweep and ceiling height determines your downrod length.

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The above guides will give you a great guide for standard rooms and spaces but what if you need a ceiling fan for a low or sloped ceiling? For rooms with ceilings of 8 feet or less, choose a flush mounted ceiling fan for safety. Unlike those with downrods, these ceiling fans sit flush against the ceiling to save room. If you are working with a sloped ceiling then make sure to look for a ceiling fan model that can be installed with an angle mounted downrod.

Once you use this guide to find the perfect size ceiling fan for your interior space you can move on to the fun part; picking a style that you absolutely love!