Where to Buy Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs

where to buy hampton bay ceiling fan light bulbs

First step: FIND your HAMPTON BAY ceiling fan bulb size

The first step in finding the correct light bulb for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan is to measure the base of the bulb you are replacing. After the correct size is determined you can follow the light bulb recommendations below.

Hampton Bay ceiling fan light bulbs - what's the size

Second Step: Pick the correct sized lights

We recommend that you check your owner's manual or manufacturer specifications when purchasing new light bulbs. Many Hampton Bay ceiling fan light kits have a 60W or 40W max output, so the recommendations below do not exceed those specifications. Base size is also important so make sure you have measured your current light bulb base to make sure it's the correct size (use the chart above).

hampton bay ceiling fan light kit bulbs - cfl lights for ceiling fans

Medium Base - EcoSmart 14W CFL Light Bulbs

14 watt CFL light bulbs are the standard in many Hampton Bay light kits. If you wish to do an even replacement then we recommend these EcoSmart Sprial CFL bulbs. At 14 watts they are at the recommended specs.

These EcoSmart bulbs are Energy Star rated and contains 70% less mercury than older CFL bulbs. You can purchase a 4 pack of these at a good value by clicking on the Amazon link above.

It's important that you first measure your current CFL bulbs to make sure they are medium base before purchasing these! If they are smaller, you may need intermediate or candelabra base bulbs instead. Use the chart at the top of the page to match your bulbs to the correct size.

Make the upgrade to LED

Most Hampton Bay ceiling fans include 14 watt CFL bulbs in their light kits. However, CFL bulbs are an older design that may no longer be readily available in stores when the time comes to replace or upgrade. Finding CFL bulbs in your needed size may come as a challenge as this bulb type is being replaced with more current energy efficient designs. The great news is that lamp technology has taken a great leap forward and introduced better energy efficient LED lamp designs that will work seamlessly with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan.

It is encouraged to replace your current CFL bulbs with high quality LED bulbs like the ones recommended here. Those using traditional incandescent bulbs will also see a cost and energy saving benefit by switching to LED bulbs in their Hampton Bay ceiling fans.

LED bulbs for hampton bay ceiling fan

Medium Base - Phillips 14W LED light bulbs

Phillips offers medium base LED light bulbs in the recommended 14 watts. What we love about these LED bulbs is that they are energy efficient and rated to last up to 10 years! Instant-on technology means no lag when you turn on the lights.

These Hampton Bay ceiling fan replacement light bulbs are a high quality upgrade to your current CFL or incandescent bulbs.

light bulbs for hampton bay fans

Intermediate Base - Feit LED light bulbs

CFL bulbs are harder to find in the intermediate base size that is common in Hampton Bay ceiling fans. Upgrading to 40w equivalent LED lights is recommended. Feit offers high quality intermediate base LED light bulbs that are ideal replacement in Hampton Bay ceiling fans.

At only 4.8 watts, these bulbs give an equivalent output to 40w incandescent lights. They are also rated to last years for less light bulb changing and more lifetime energy savings.

Hampton Bay ceiling fan light bulbs - small bulbs for ceiling fans

Candelabra Base - Albrillo LED light bulbs

When it comes to finding Hampton Bay ceiling fan light bulbs in candelabra sizes nothing beats a set of Albrillo LED bulbs. These Albrillo LED bulbs are rated at 5 watts per bulb yet 40 watt light output equivalent to traditional incandescent bulbs.

These light bulbs can be found at a good value without sacrificing in light quality and energy efficiency. Albrillo LED bulbs come in pack of four which makes them a perfect match for 4 lamp ceiling light kits.

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