6 Best LED Bulbs for Ceiling Fans - Top Picks for Every Size

Best led bulbs for ceiling fans

Switching from a traditional incandescent or CFL bulb to an LED bulb will be a great upgrade to your ceiling fan lighting as well as your wallet. LED bulbs are rated to last years and can be a great cost saver long term as you have to change the light bulbs less frequently. Since they use significantly less wattage, using an LED bulb in your ceiling fan will also lower energy costs. Below are the best LED bulbs for ceiling fan lights by base size.

Determine Your Ceiling Fan Light Bulb Size

Ceiling fan manufacturers can use a variety of light bulbs sizes in their ceiling fan light kits. As a result not all fans use the same size light bulbs. This can cause a bit of confusion when it comes time to replace or upgrade the bulbs.

The most common ceiling fan bulbs found in ceiling fans are Candelabra and Intermediate. Newer ceiling fans may require Mini Candelabra while older ceiling fans may have a standard medium light bulb fitting. 

ceiling fan light bulb sizes

The easiest way to determine size which LED bulbs you need is by measuring the base of the bulb that is already installed in your ceiling fan. Once you measure the light bulbs that are currently installed in your ceiling fan you can use the chart above to determine your LED bulb size.

Candelabra LED Bulbs for Ceiling Fan Lights

Candelabra base sized bulbs are one of the most common LED lights used in ceiling fans. Here we recommend two different shapes of candelabra lights so you can find the right fit for your ceiling fan light kit enclosure and style.

LED lights for ceiling fan - best led bulbs for ceiling fans

Sunlite Dimmable Energy Star LED Bulbs

These Sunlite LED bulbs are ideal for ceiling fans with multiple lights fixtures that require candelabra bulbs. The bulbs are dimmable and work seamlessly with newer ceiling fans and lighting with the dimming function.

Although suited for a 40 watt incandescent replacement these Sunlite bulbs are only 5 watts! This means great energy savings throughout the lifetime of the bulb. These Sunlite LED bulbs come in frosted or in clear for a stylish vintage look.

LED bulbs for ceiling fan lights - best led bulbs for ceiling fans

Philips Dimmable Candelabra LED Bulbs

Those who need a slim or more stylized candelabra base LED bulb will do well with these decorative Philips ceiling fan LED bulbs. At only 4.5 watts, these bulbs are a 40W equivalent to their incandescent counterparts. These bulbs are rated at a 15,000 hour lifetime which make them a long lasting and affordable alternative to traditional incandescent lights. 


Mini Candelabra LED Bulbs for Ceiling Fan Lights

Many newer ceiling fans use mini candelabra bulbs in their light kits. When looking for led lights for ceiling fans you’ll find that most mini candelabra bulbs are incandescent. Because a ceiling fan rattles when in use this can cause a shorter bulb life-span. Switching to LED mini candelabra bulbs means a longer life-span plus lower energy costs for the same light output.

best led bulbs for ceiling fans - led lights for ceiling fan

McDen T4 E11 LED Bulbs

When it comes to LED lights for your ceiling fan, finding good quality mini candelabra lights may be harder than shopping for traditional light bulbs. Luckily these McDen T4 E11 bulbs are just the ticket to get your ceiling fan up to today’s energy efficient standards. These bulbs are dimmable and are only 5 watts! These bulbs are a good replacements for 50W or 40W ceiling fan bulbs.


Intermediate LED bulbs for ceiling fans

Intermediate base light bulbs are a common size in many ceiling fan models. Unlike your household light bulbs, intermediate base lights have a slightly smaller base. Switching to an LED bulb means a great energy cost savings while maintaining your preferred wattage.

best LED lights for ceiling fans - intermediate base led bulbs

Feit Intermediate Base LED bulbs

If you are looking for the best LED bulbs for ceiling fans then these Feit bulbs may be just your ticket. Feit’s high quality LED bulbs allow for full range dimming as well as instant-on to minimize annoying flickering. These bulbs are damp rated and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. At only 4.8 watts these bulbs make great 40W replacements.

Medium base LED lights for ceiling fans

Some ceiling fans use regular sized Medium based bulbs in their light kits. Unlike a household lamp or ceiling light, many ceiling fan manufacturers cap the usable wattage at 60W or 40W. This means that traditional bulbs with more wattage will not output light to it’s full capacity or may not work at all. An easy work around to this is switching to LED lights that use much less wattage without compromising on light output.

led lights for ceiling fans - best bulbs for ceiling fan

Cree Daylight Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Cree makes a multi-functional LED light bulb that is great for medium base sized ceiling fan light fixtures. We recommend these bulbs to anyone who need a high quality bulb that is rated to last years (they have a 22 year lifespan!) These are 60 watt replacement bulbs at only 8.5 watts.

led lights for ceiling fan - best bulbs for ceiling fans

Philips SlimStyle LED Light Bulb

Those who need a full sized A19 light bulb for tight spaces will be glad to know that Philips has released a high quality light bulb with a more compact shape. This unique shape is less bulbous than a regular LED light bulb and features a flatter profile. At only 10.5 watts these SlimStyle bulbs are a great 60 watt equivalent replacement for ceiling fans.