10 Cute Nursery Ceiling Fans - Baby Room Ceiling Fan Ideas


Designing a new baby nursery can be fun and exciting time! Adding a ceiling fan will include a splash of fun, usefulness and decor to bring the room together.  Here we explore some of our favorite nursery room ceiling fans that will add that finishing touch to a themed space.

Themed Baby Nursery Ceiling Fans

Add a finishing touch to a themed room with these nursery room ceiling fans.

baby boy ceiling fans - nursery room ceiling fans

Craftmade Sopwith Camel Warplane 42" Ceiling Fan

Spark the imagination with the addition of this Craftmade plane ceiling fan. This ceiling fan has two blades that imitate the front of a real Sopwith Camel airplane. At 42 inches this ceiling fan is great for small to medium sized rooms. 

  • Low profile hugger fan - great for low ceilings!
  • 42 inches blade span
  • 30-year limited motor warranty
Cute ceiling fans for baby girl room

Craftmade Bloom 52" Ceiling Fan

Craftmade has released a unique ceiling fan with their Bloom collection. This ceiling fan is made to match just about any floral nursery room theme! 

  • 52" inch blade span - ideal for larger rooms
  • Change blade colors to match room (check Amazon link for more color options!)
  • Includes an optional integrated light kit
  • Remote control included
  • Dual mount for flat or angled ceilings
Nursery Ceiling Fans with Lights

Westinghouse Roundabout 30" Ceiling Fan

This fan is definitely a fun addition to any nursery or kids room. Brighten up the decor with this 30 inch ceiling fan that includes an integrated light kit and contemporary nickel body. At 30 inches this is a great standalone ceiling fan for small rooms or to double up and add two fans in larger rooms.

  • 30 inch blade span
  • Reversible fan blades in two colors: Rainbow (pictured) and Nickel
  • Bright dome light kit included

Cute & Contemporary

These cute ceiling fans will add a contemporary touch to your nursery room. With natural woods grains, interesting colors and sleek designs turn any nursery into a modern space you and your little one will be sure to love.

cute ceiling fans - baby nursery ceiling fan

Hunter Cranbrook 52" Ceiling Fan

Hunter combines modern design with playful color in their Cranbrook ceiling fan. This fan has all of the features you need for a nursery ceiling fans with lights; remote control, super quiet function and a cute mid-century design. Because of it's soft and bright colors this would make a cute gender neutral baby nursery ceiling fan. 

  • 52 inch blade span - suited for larger rooms
  • Reversible fan blades - Blonde Oak & Walnut
  • WhisperWind technology makes this fan super quiet making it perfect for nursery use.
  • Includes remote control
Cute ceiling fan for baby room - Nursery Ceiling Fans

Kendal Aviator Wrought Iron 42" Ceiling Fan

The Aviator Wrought Iron ceiling fan by Kendal is a contemporary ceiling fan that will add a pop of rich color to your nursery. At 42 inches, this nursery room ceiling fan is the ideal size for medium sized spaces. This fan includes a remote control for easy settings adjustments when you need it most.

  • 42" blade span
  • Bright frosted white dome light
  • Includes remote control
  • All metal modern single color design
baby room small ceiling fan for nursery

Westinghouse Quince Two-Light 24" Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Quince is a small six blade ceiling fan that is ideal for small nursery rooms where space is limited. The clean frosted glass light done and beech wood grain fan blades gives this cute ceiling fan a modern touch.

  • 24" blade span - ideal for small rooms
  • Reversible beech woodgrain and white blades (for an all white look)
  • Reversible rotation for year-round use (cooling & heat circulation)


Nursery ceiling fans for baby room

Bombay Tropical Bronze 42" Ceiling Fan

Floral themes are this years favorite baby nursery trend. Go with a gender neutral palm leaf ceiling fan to add to an outdoor or beachy theme. These baby nursery ceiling fans are the perfect compliment to modern room decor.

  • 42 inch blade span
  • No light kit included
  • Damp Rated
  • Reversible motor for year round use

Pretty Pinks & Soft Blues

These simple and affordable ceiling fans will tie the room together with their soft traditional baby colors. Those looking for nursery ceiling fans with lights will be pleased with these options in pink and blue.

Baby boy ceiling fans - Nursery Ceiling Fans

Vaxcel Alex 44" Ceiling Fan

This baby room ceiling fan is themed wonderfully with blue cloud paddle blades and teddy bear chain pulls. The white and blue colors make a welcoming touch to the decor while the features are what you would expect from the Vaxcel brand.

  • 44 inch blade span
  • Dome light kit included
  • Reversible motor for year round use
  • Blue and white cloud and teddy bear design.
Girl nursery ceiling fans - Pink ceiling fans

Hampton Bay Harper III 44" Ceiling Fan

The Hampton Bay Harper III is a ceiling fan that is designed for a true princess. The 44 inch blade span makes this fan perfect for small and medium sized nursery rooms. Hampton Bay has added lots of pretty details in the design of the Harper ceiling fan such as floral paddle hardware, glossy white finish and a large frosted dome over the light kit.

  • 44 inch blade span
  • Includes reversible pink and purple fan blades
  • Frosted dome light kit includes
Cute baby girl ceiling fans for nursery

Vaxcel Alice 44" Ceiling Fan

Like it's blue Alex counterpart, the Vaxcel Alice ceiling fan is a great option for adding a touch of color to a baby nursery in fun ways. The butterfly theme can be seen on the chain pulls and the paddle hardware. At 44 inches this ceiling fan will do great in small and medium sized nursery rooms.

  • 44 inch blade span
  • No light kit included
  • Reversible motor for year round use
  • Pink and white butterfly design.

Are there benefits to having a ceiling fan in a nursery?

There are quite a few benefits with having a baby room ceiling fan. Fans safely increase a room's air circulation and have proven benefits to babies and toddlers. In fact, a 2008 study published by the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that having a fan in the room reduces baby’s risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by an amazing 72%. But there are more than just health benefits when using a nursery ceiling fan in the room.

  • Safety: Unlike window or standing fans, a ceiling fan is much harder to reach by toddlers or children. This means less injuries or accidents when your baby begins to explore the room. 
  • Better Sleep: The quiet hum of a fan produces what is called white noise which can help a baby relax and fall asleep when it's bedtime. 
  • Gently Keep Cool: Unlike an air conditioner that removes humidity from the air, a fan will create a gentle breeze without it getting too dry or cold. This is a great way to gently bring down your baby’s body temperature without the harm of dry air that may cause respiratory issues or dry skin.

Need help picking a new ceiling fan? If you are unsure of which size ceiling fan is best for your nursery room make sure to read our Ceiling Fan Size Guide to match the appropriate ceiling fan to your sized room.