Best Ceiling Fans For Small Bedrooms - Quiet Performance for Small Spaces

best ceiling fan for small bedroom

Although there are many high quality and stylish ceiling fans currently on the market, finding them in appropriate sizes for a small bedroom may present a challenge. Smaller ceiling fans are usually a bit more limited in cutting edge design and technology options but some manufacturer’s are catching and have recently released some amazing ceiling fan models that are just as great as their standard size counterparts. Here we list our favorite ceiling fans for small bedrooms that offer quiet performance, great design and are perfect for small spaces.

best ceiling fan for small bedroom

Casablanca Wisp - best ceiling fan for small bedroom

Casablanca Wisp 44” Ceiling Fan

The Casablanca Wisp is one of the most top-rated small bedroom ceiling fans on the market today. This carefully designed ceiling fan is packed with important features that will allow it to run silently, provide powerful airflow, and give your bedroom an updated contemporary look. Casablanca’s Direct Drive motor allows for a powerful breeze that runs silently even when on it's highest settings. It’s 15 degree blade pitch allows for ideal air movement and at a 44 inch blade span this ceiling fan performs efficiently in small bedrooms.

No matter what your ceiling height or type Casablanca has you covered. Included with each fan is a three-position mounting system that allows for standard, low ceiling or angled installation. If you are looking for the best performing ceiling fan for your small bedroom then the Casablanca Wisp will exceed your expectations.

  • Silent Direct Drive™ motor

  • Integrated LED light kit

  • Remote control included


More top rated recommendations

Craftmade Targas - modern small bedroom ceiling fan with light

Craftmade Targas 48" Ceiling Fan

The Craftmade Targas is a high quality ceiling fan that looks as great as it performs. The sophisticated design looks great with anything from contemporary, craftsman to transitional decor. The Craftmade Targas is currently available in multiple colors and finishes so you are sure to find one style that matches your small bedroom perfectly. When it comes to functionality the fan is quiet enough for bedrooms and at a generous 48 inch blade span gives out enough airflow to efficiently cool smaller spaces.

  • Integrated light kit

  • Includes wall control

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Monte Carlo - Super quiet ceiling fan for small bedroom

Monte Carlo Discus II 44" Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo is one of the leading brands in ceiling fans and it’s easy to see why with their Discus II model. This premium ceiling offers focuses on quiet performance and a generates an impressive breeze for a 44 inch blade span. The blades are precisely balanced to avoid many of the noisy wobbles and rattles that you may often find in cheap ceiling fan models. The motor itself is a high quality torque-induction motor that performs quietly and is ideal for bedroom use. Monte Carlo proudly offers a lifetime warranty with each of their ceiling fans so you can be sure that the Discus II is a fan you will enjoy for years to come.

  • Can be used with optional remote control or pull chain

  • High Quality quiet motor

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Monte Carlo Discus II is available in multiple colors.

The Monte Carlo Discus II is available in multiple colors.


ceiling fans for small rooms with low ceilings

Fanimation Embrace - best ceiling fan for small rooms and low ceilings

Fanimation Embrace 44” Ceiling Fan

For small bedrooms with low ceilings the Fanimation Embrace is a great choice. This hugger ceiling fan is understated in design for a sleek contemporary look. What we love about this ceiling fan is it’s ease of use, great airflow production and smart design that allows for a quiet bedroom ceiling fan when you need it most. The included remote control allows you to control the ceiling fan speed as well as reverse the blade direction for both summer and winter use.

  • Remote control included

  • Includes light kit and cap for use without light

The Fanimation Embrace is available in multiple finishes to match your home decor.

The Fanimation Embrace is available in multiple finishes to match your home decor.

Hunter Dempsey - small room ceiling fan

Hunter Dempsey Low Profile 44” Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Dempsey is an affordable and stylish option for small bedrooms with low ceilings. We recommend this ceiling fan for it’s simplicity and quality design that allows for great airflow in smaller spaces. We often recommend Hunter ceiling fans for bedroom because of their WhisperWind motor technology that allows for super quiet performance when running. The Hunter Dempsey is no exception and offers a powerful yet quiet experience when in use. It’s smaller 44 inch blade span allows this ceiling fan to be used in small bedrooms and other small rooms. The Hunter Dempsey includes reversible bladesthat allows you the freedom to pick the color that best fits your room decor.

  • Remote control included

  • Reversible fan blades (white and blonde oak)

  • Quiet WhisperWind™ motor

Small Bedroom FAQs

What size ceiling fan do I need for a small bedroom?

Although most standard size bedrooms would do fine with a standard 52 inch ceiling fan a smaller size fan may be needed for rooms 10x10ft or under. Use the chart below to learn the maximum recommended ceiling fan size for your room. If you wish to learn more about how ceiling fans and rooms are measured then check out our guide How to Choose the Correct Size Ceiling Fan for more in-depth info.

small bedroom ceiling fan size guide

Is a bigger ceiling fan better in a small room?

This is a common question for those who are concerned with airflow and energy efficiency. The chart above is a guide on the largest ceiling fan recommended by room size but is bigger always better? It’s important to know the difference between larger and smaller ceiling fans. There are two ways you can make a ceiling fan more efficient: Either increase the ceiling fan speed or increase it’s blade span. 

Today you can find many small ceiling fans with strong motors and fewer blades that will push a substantial amount of airflow. But unless you purchase an energy efficient fan or one with a high grade DC motor, increased motor speed often means more energy usage. Alternatively you can go with a bigger ceiling fan with a larger blade span. Fans with larger blade spans move more air than smaller ceiling fan in the same speed setting. Ideally you would want to have a slightly larger ceiling fan on a medium setting instead of a smaller ceiling fan on high (that needs more power to drive the motor at high speeds). Those concerned with energy efficiency and lowering their costs would fare well with getting the largest ceiling fan recommended for their room size and paying close attention to choosing a fan that is Energy Star rated or uses a DC motor.