7 Rustic Industrial Ceiling Fans With Cage Lights You’ll Love

Rustic industrial ceilings fans with caged lights

A popular home decor trend is the rustic industrial style that combines the clean and cool function of industrial with the vintage repurposed nature of rustic styles. Ceiling fans with caged lighting offer the best of both styles with their unique light kits and rugged wood and metal fan blades. Take a look at our favorite rustic industrial ceiling fan models.

Rustic Industrial Ceiling Fans with Cage Light

Rustic industrial ceiling fan with cage light

Casa Vieja Turbina 60” Ceiling Fan

The Casa Vieja Turbina is a large indoor ceiling fan for those who want to make a statement. Perfect for rustic industrial spaces, this ceiling fan features a unique orbital weave light kit that hosts three cage enclosed ambient light bulbs. The ceiling fan’s design shouts rustic industrial by mixing clean industrial fan blades with it’s rustic encaged lighting that gives off a handcrafted and one of a kind feel. Available in a oiled bronze finish this ceiling fan is both mature and unique.

  • Indoor use only

  • Remote control included

  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

Cage light ceiling fan rustic industrial style

Savoy House Connell 56” Ceiling Fan

The Savoy House Connell ceiling fan has all of the elements we love about the rustic industrial style. It’s Walnut blades give it a natural and warm quality while the ceiling fan’s silhouette is sleek and not too ornate. All the while the clear seeded glass that encloses the light cage for an aged reclaimed look. This rustic industrial ceiling fan is available in English Bronze with Walnut blades or in a sleek Satin Nickel finish.

  • Indoor use only

  • Remote control included

Rustic industrial ceiling fan with 3 separate caged bulbs

Canarm Otto 52" Ceiling Fan

The Canarm Otto features a classic ceiling fan that incorporates utilitarian design features that go perfectly with rustic industrial decor. The Otto features a light kit with 3 separate caged bulbs that really gives this ceiling fan it’s unique look. The ceiling fan body and hardware is made of a dark graphite finish that gives the fan a mature and sleek impression. The walnut blades incorporate a reclaimed wood element that plays well with rustic inspired spaces.

  • Indoor use only

  • Pull chain fan and light controls

  • 5 year warranty

Rustic industrial ceiling fan cage light

Hunter Ronan 52” Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Ronan is a contemporary ceiling fan that is sure to turn some heads. This eye-catching ceiling fan features a unique wire cage light kit that is paired with a Edison style LED bulb. It balances modern aesthetics with an industrial element in a way that just works. This eye-catching ceiling fan is full of great features such as a dimmable LED bulb, a handheld remote control and reversible fan blades with different finishes to choose from. We recommend this ceiling fan for bedrooms, living rooms or any indoor space that could use that unique finishing touch.

  • Indoor use only

  • Remote control included

  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty


Unique Outdoor / Indoor Ceiling Fans

These ceiling fans are outdoor rated and can be used both indoors and outdoors to create the perfect mood anywhere you install them.

Rustic Industrial cage light ceiling fan

Casa Vieja Plaza Franklin Park 52" Ceiling Fan

The Plaza Franklin Park by Casa Vieja is an industrial inspired ceiling fan that has all the features of a modern ceiling fan you need for comfortable performance. It’s cage enclosed light kit gives the fan unique rustic element that will tie any room or outdoor space together. The included Edison bulb is a nice touch to give the fan a vintage look. This fan comes in both a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel finish options.

  • Damp rated for indoor or outdoor use

  • Remote control included

  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

Large ceiling fan with light cage - Industrial rustic

Kichler Maor 65” Ceiling Fan

Kichler has set out to make an incredibly visually striking outdoor ceiling fan with the Moar. This ceiling fan is the perfect blend of sleek and “found” that is often seen in much of rustic industrial home decor. It’s strong angular lines give it a cold industrial feel while it’s weathered metal finish gives it the rustic and tarnished look. At 65 inches this fan is perfect for covered patios or other covered outdoor spaces. It also plays really well in larger rooms that take advantage of industrial inspired open floor plans.

  • Damp rated for covered outdoor use (can be used indoors)

  • Available in multiple finishes

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Outdoor ceiling fan with light cage rustic industrial style

Westinghouse Great Falls 52” Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Great Falls ceiling fans combines rustic design elements with the heavy hardware and aged metals that are so often found in industrial decor. The attractive caged light features a long lasting LED bulb encased in frosted glass for a vintage inspired look. If you are searching for an attractive indoor or outdoor rustic industrial ceiling fan then the Westinghouse Great Falls is worth a closer look.

  • Wet Rated for outdoor and indoor use

  • Does not include remote control (sold separately)

  • Lifetime motor warranty and two-year warranty on all other parts

Rustic industrial home decor style

What is rustic industrial style?

Rustic industrial mixes elements of the natural warmth of rustic decor with the utilitarian and salvaged hallmarks of industrial styles. Industrial decor is known for it’s clean and functional textures, shapes and materials. Many industrial styles take full advantage of using metals like aluminum, iron and steel to decorate a space. Floorpans in industrial inspired homes are often open and large. 

In rustic homes organic textures and shapes take over and feature nature inspired colors, wood and metals with patina. Rustic homes often have a sense of history and connection to the past with many vintage and repurposed decor pieces showcase.

Both industrial and rustic share some style features such as patinated metals, use of wood and creativity of repurposed found items. The styles often compliment each other in fun and nonconventional ways and opens up your home decor possibilities by borrowing elements from each style. If you enjoy clean open spaces with a sense of connection to the past then the rustic industrial style may be for you.

What makes a rustic industrial ceiling fan?

Rustic ceiling fan styles use a lot of weatherworn wood, distressed metals and are usually casual in style. While Industrial style ceiling fans take advantage of clean lines as well as the use of aged metals and heavy hardware. Rustic Industrial fans combine the two styles into unique designs that are both interesting and unique. 

Many rustic industrial ceiling fans feature classically industrial metal blades with some rustic design elements showcased in the hardware and light kit. It’s also not uncommon to find distressed or weathered wood incorporated into the ceiling fan blades and design. Cage enclosed lights are a staple of the rustic industrial ceiling fan style with the ceiling fans on this list being some of our favorites.