6 Best Garage Ceiling Fans - 2018 Top Picks

best garage ceiling fans for garage

Adding the finishing touches to a newly remodeled garage can be a lot of fun. But before you can truly enjoy the space it's time to look at your options for cooling and heat circulation. Ceiling fans are an easy and energy efficient way of keeping cool in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter. Our top picks for the best garage ceiling fans are just what you need to start enjoying your garage, workshop or carport.

Best ceiling fan for garage

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Casablanca Duluth Ceiling Fan

For those who want the best ceiling fan in their garage that is designed to last decades the Casablanca Duluth ceiling fan is the one for you. This carefully designed ceiling fan features a state of the art Direct Drive motor that is silent, high powered and backed by a Casablanca lifetime warranty. This fan is damp rated so that means that it can be used in just about any covered garage, carport or workshop that may be exposed to the outside elements. Available in both a 60 and 72 inch blade span this fan will give you the cooling and heat circulation you need to comfortably work in your garage year round.

  • Best for: Medium to large garages

  • Damp Rated for indoor/outdoor use

  • Includes wall control

  • Available in White or Steel color options

  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

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Hunter Cassius 52” Ceiling Fan

The Hunter Cassius is an affordable ceiling fan that doesn’t sacrifice utility, style or performance. One of our favorite features of this fan is it’s WhisperWind motor that offers high performance without the noise or rattling of many lower quality ceiling fans at this price range. It’s included 5” and 3” downrods makes this garage ceiling fan ideal for spaces with lower ceilings. Longer Hunter downrods are available for those with standard garage ceilings so don’t count this fan out if you have garage ceilings over 10 feet. This fan can be installed just about anywhere thanks to it’s Damp Rating which allows it to perform flawlessly even in damp indoor/outdoor spaces like garages or workshops. Features like these is why the Hunter Cassius is rated as a best ceiling fan for a garage.

  • Best for: Garages with low ceilings

  • Damp rated for indoor/outdoor use

  • Pull chain speed control

  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

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Westinghouse Industrial 56” Ceiling Fan 

If you are looking for a reliable yet inexpensive garage ceiling fan then the Westinghouse Industrial ceiling fan may be just your ticket. We love the understated industrial design that will go perfectly with any workshop or garage. The steel finish is versatile and at 56 inches it’s perfect for spaces up to 360 square feet (18x20). If you have a garage with a high ceiling then you’ll be pleased to know that the Westinghouse Industrial will be ready to install right out of the box. The ceiling fan includes 12 inch down rod so no additional downrod purchases will be required for those with high ceilings. 

  • Best for: Garages with high ceilings or those on a budget

  • Indoor use only (not recommended for open carports)

  • 12 inch down rod included

  • Includes five-speed wall control unit

  • Fan available in steel or white


garage ceiling fan with light

Garage ceiling fans with lights - garage ceiling fan ideas

Litex Urbana 48” Ceiling Fan

The Litex Urbana is the fan for those who want a no-nonsense ceiling fan with light that will look great in any garage or workshop. It’s brushed chrome finish gives the fan a rugged industrial look while it’s integrated light kit allows for garage owners to have a two-in-one fan and lighting solution.  Since only a 6 inch downrod is included the minimum garage ceiling height for this fan is 10 feet. Those with low garage ceilings may have to skip out on this model but all in all this fan is perfect for most small to medium size garages. If you are looking for a simple garage ceiling fan with light then the Litex Urbana will definitely fit the bill.

  • Best for: Small and medium size garage

  • Integrated 60W light kit

  • Indoor use only

  • Includes 6” downrod


Best Fans for Big Garage

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Big Ass Fans Shop Ceiling Fan

Big Ass Fans produces the motherlode of all ceiling fans with their massive 7ft, 10ft and 12ft models made especially for extra large garages, warehouses and shops. The brand boasts that just one of their ceiling fans does the job of 29 standard size ceiling fans combined. Talk about efficient. The big power in these larger than life fans are due to their gearless direct drive motor that allows for energy efficient year round use. During warmer months users can expect a 10 degree cooling difference inside their garages while the reversible motor allows generous heat circulation. It’s no secret that Big Ass Fans makes some of the best fans for big garages available today.

  • Best for: extra large garages

  • Available in 7ft, 10ft and 12ft blade spans

  • Includes variable speed controller

  • Made in USA

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Monte Carlo Maverick Max Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a super sleek and modern ceiling fan for your large garage then the Monte Carlo Maverick Max is worth a closer look. This ceiling fan is damp rated so it’s perfect for garages, carports or workshops where moisture or dampness may be an issue. It’s available in 60, 70, and 88 inch blade spans as well as different color options to match your garage space. This fan is also great for those who need a large garage ceiling fan that is silent as it is powerful. The Monte Carlo Maverick Max features an ultra quiet DC motor backed my a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Best for: large garages

  • Available in 60”, 70” and 88” blade spans

  • Damp rated for indoor/outdoor use

  • Quiet and energy efficient DC motor

garage ceiling fan ideas

Is there a difference between regular home and “garage” ceiling fans?

The ceiling fans you may have in your home will differ from the garage ceiling fans recommended on this list. The main difference is the garage space itself. Having a large garage door that exposes the indoor space to outdoor elements is a big factor to consider when choosing the correct fan. Much like a covered porch or deck it’s important to keep in mind any weather exposure and potential temperature difference in your garage. This is why we recommend damp rated fans for the garage ceiling fans on our list. Damp rated fans will last longer in indoor/outdoor conditions of a garage or carport.

Other garage fan options

If ceiling height or space is a concern going with a wall mount fan is a great way to keep cool in your garage. These fans generally take up less room and can be tucked away in corner or wherever there is space on the wall. Some of these fans even oscillate to cover more cooling space that a standalone fan.

Installing two smaller ceiling fans

When it comes to garage ceiling fans pairing two smaller ceiling fans instead of purchasing a very large one is a common option. Since garages are larger than many spaces inside your home finding one big enough without breaking the bank may be a challenge. If going the dual ceiling fan route make sure there is enough space between each fan and distance from the wall to ensure that the fans will work at optimal performance. A good way of installing two fans in your garage is to divide the long dimension of the room by 3 and place the fans at that distance from each end wall. The minimum distance between fan blades and a wall should be at least 18 inches.