5 Unique Shabby Chic Ceiling Fan Chandeliers

unique shabby chic ceiling fans

In a time where modern and contemporary ceiling fans designs are plentiful, finding a shabby chic ceiling fan can be a challenge. Fortunately we have found a few amazing brands that offer unique ceiling fan chandelier designs that will be sure to turn some heads. These ceiling fan chandeliers incorporate the vintage look of shabby chic with mature elegant elements of traditional chandeliers. 

Our favorite shabby chic ceiling fans

Shabby chic chandelier ceiling fan - Casa Vieja

Casa Vieja Casa Chic Rubbed Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Case Vieja offers the perfect shabby chic ceiling fan with their 52” Casa Chic models. This ornate ceiling fan has all of the elements of shabby chic with it’s off-white rubbed finish, ornate chandelier light kit, and subtle signs of wear. The light kit features four candelabra bulbs with elegant hanging decorative crystals throughout.

  • Indoor use only

  • Integrated light kit

  • Pull chain operated

Shabby Chic Ceiling Fan Chandeliers - Savoy House Fandelier

Savoy House Air Ionizing Fan d`Lier 

Savoy House combines the best of both worlds with this unique “Fan d`Lier”. The design incorporates the look of a chandelier with the comfort of a ceiling fan. Each Fan d`Lier includes an integrated air ionizing ceiling fan that provides air purification benefits as well as a nice breeze when you need it most. Those of you who can’t decide between a shabby chic ceiling fan and traditional chandelier will love this unique ceiling fan chandelier hybrid.

  • Indoor use only

  • Available in Satin Nickel and a Burnished Russett finish.

  • Includes wall control

shabby chic ceiling fan with light

Casa Vieja Casa Deville Pretty in Pink 52” Ceiling Fan

Those looking for a charming ceiling fan with a vintage edge will love the Pretty in Pink ceiling fan by Casa Vieja. This ceiling fan features an integrated light kit that features three candelabra bulbs and soft pink shades. Hanging from the light kit are pink and clear crystals for a darling look. The ceiling fan has a visually interesting antique finish that has all the style elements of a shabby chic decor piece.

  • Indoor use only

  • Pull chain operated

  • Wall control and remote control adaptable

Shabby chic chandelier ceiling fan with light

Warehouse of Tiffany Charla 52” Ceiling Fan

Warehouse of Tiffany has done a stunning job at combining an elegant crystal chandelier with a functional ceiling fan. We love this ceiling fan for it’s bold appearance that is sure to gain compliments from guests. This ceiling fan chandelier is a mix of antique bronze, crystals and wood that all compliment each other very nicely. Those looking for a vintage-inspired statement piece or a shabby chic ceiling fan with a bit more maturity will love the way the Warehouse of Tiffany Charla will compliment any living room or bedroom.

  • Indoor use only

  • Integrated light kit

  • Pull chain operated

shabby chic ceiling fan

Case Vieja Casa Chic 52” Ceiling Fan Chandelier

Casa Vieja wows us once again with a second design of their popular Casa Chic Rubbed White Ceiling Fan. This model features an elegant four light chandelier light kit that is a mix of graceful and “found” antique. We love the slightly worn chipped paint look on the motor and hardware that makes it perfect for shabby chic inspired rooms. If you are on the hunt for a white shabby chic ceiling fan with a touch of unique vintage then this Casa Chic ceiling fan may be just what you are looking for.

  • Indoor use only

  • Pull chain operated

shabby chic decor style

What is shabby chic decor?

Shabby chic is a style that that focuses on unique vintage finds, upcycled statement pieces and furnishings that show signs of wear. A common thread in most shabby chic spaces is the use of worn and paint chipped wood furniture such as tables, dressers and chairs. The use of vintage and natural fabrics such as chenille, cotton and french linens make a common appearance in furniture upholstery and bedding. Statement pieces include vintage art, large decorative chandeliers, and upcycled furniture pieces.

Shabby chic color palettes often include lots of white and a strong presence of soft pastels. A shabby chic space focuses on a few key pieces while still keeping the space simple and uncluttered. Lots of texture fills the space and is what makes shabby chic decor so interesting. It’s not uncommon to see wicker, linen and distressed wood and burlap all co-existing in a shabby chic room.

Why choose a ceiling fan instead of a chandelier?

While many shabby chic rooms feature chandeliers there will be instances when a ceiling fan is better suited (and more practical!) for the space. Ceiling fans offer great cooling and heating energy savings when used to supplement air conditioning and heat. And in more moderate temperatures a ceiling fan is perfect for air circulation in otherwise stuffy rooms.

Luckily a chandelier ceiling fan offers the best of both worlds by combining the practicality of a ceiling fan with the fun and chic style of a traditional chandelier. Brands like Savoy House and Casa Vieja offer unique ceiling fan chandeliers that look wonderful in shabby chic inspired spaces. This list reviews some of the best models available that are perfect for shabby chic bedrooms and living rooms.